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Social Network for Pc Other than ChatON- Unimaginable

“Now a day’s people are getting addicted to social networking sites.”- This is the common phrase you can hear in almost every day to day life. So the question comes what is a social networking site? It is a platform to make social relations in between people who likes to share activities, interests, real life connections and backgrounds.

It is officially available in 120 countries with a support of 62 languages.

In order to improve social interaction between people Samsung introduced a global communication platform named as ChatON. It is officially available in 120 countries with a support of 62 languages. After its success in mobile platforms, it is launched on the windows PC platform, which also turns to be a major success. Some of the features, which makes it distinct from other platforms, are as follows.
[A] Buddies- buddies are the phone number that is registered on ChatON. Buddies are added automatically from the contact list whose ChatON are activated.
[B] Translation- it is one of the unique services provided by the ChatON. Languages are converted from French, German, Spanish, Italian and many more to English and vice versa. This service is available on modern up to date devices which had S-translator installed.
[C] Anicons- Stickers are known as Anicons in ChatON. Anicons are animated and are available to download From ChatON shop. 127 Anicons are available for download, which helps to express different emotions.
[D] Animessage- It gives users a complete advantage to work with their creativity to express different types of emotions. Short animations with backgrounds, templates and stamp user can make a unique Animessage.

Its interface is very simple as well it contains all the necessary items required for day to day use.

[E] Group chat- It is one of the important features of the ChatON messenger. The user can start a group chat by simply inviting 2-3 users. Chat rooms are also available in ChatON. A user can also send message to a particular person using the private chat option.
[F] Multimedia messaging- user can send various messages including text, images, videos, audios, voice records and many more multimedia features.
[G] Video Call- video calls are available to the user of ChatON which helps the users to see the face and the what that people is seen simultaneously using the front and back cameras. Animations are also available during video calls.
[H]Theme customization- various font styles as well as backgrounds are available for download which makes the chatting experience much more appealing.
[i] Live Partner- these are the items like cars, mobile, fashion boots which gives people relevant and latest news in that category.

Installation Process:

ChatON are previously integrated in all, the Samsung devices. However chat on can be downloaded from the website. The setup file can be downloaded from the website. And for installation, simply the setup file is just needed to be opened. It is provided free of cost. However for use of this messenger a Samsung account is necessary.


Because of lack of proper messenger app Samsung has come up with the ChatON messenger. Its interface is very simple as well it contains all the necessary items required for day to day use. For the use of people Samsung provided it as a web desktop client. Thus in short, it is one of the desktop messengers with which social interaction is incomplete through a PC.

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