Dolphin is a simple yet mesmerizing browser. Dolphin can be installed on your phone and also on your PC. It is considered as one among the fastest browsers available for mobile phones and now due to its popularity in mobile phones, it has been released for PCs as well. There has been more than millions of downloads carried out from the Google play store, and this can easily signify the ability of the browser.
It offers a fierce competition when compared to chrome and opera, which are termed as one among the fastest internet browsers available in the market for both mobile and PC. The websites run very fast when used with this browser.

It offers the user with gesture controls that are very must efficient when using a touch screen laptops or desktops.


It is a colorful, gorgeous theme which is full of cute visuals. It is a simple browser loaded with plenty of mesmerizing features. There are various reviews available if you are willing to find the right information about this browser before you download. Each URL that offers the application download link has also been provided with review section that can be found right below the information and download URL.
This browser has unique performance that separates it from the rest of the browsers. It offers the user with gesture controls that are very must efficient when using a touch screen laptops or desktops. There is also an option for users to create a gesture of their own apart from the gestures that are offered inbuilt within the browser setup. The speed of the browser is very rapid hence any website irrespective of its content such as heavy graphics or images and even videos can be downloaded within few seconds, and that makes it more convenient to use. It has also been tested with other popular browsers, and this dolphin browser stand on top when comes to performance and speed. Users can also change the graphics and themes with the colors as per their interest.

Installation Process:

The dolphin browser is available for download for PC and mobile phones. There are various browsers available today, but dolphin browser is noticed for both smartphones and PC’s. To download dolphin browser on PC, first you need visit their online website or just Google dolphin browser, you would be provided with various URLs that offer the dolphin browser for download. You need to download the android emulator to download the.Apk of dolphin browser into your PC. Install blue stacks installer available for offline use and download this file. Must you click on download link for dolphin browser in any URL you select. The link will allow the users to use the browser .apk file downloads on their laptops or desktops. There are many URLs available today that is offering this browser for free of charge but as a user you can download it from their official website to get the best among all of them. It is completely free.

Other Requirements:

  • Laptop or PC with a good graphics card will let you experience a better.
  • Minimum 100 MB of Free Disk Space is required