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KakaoTalk on PC:

It is also existing in 14 languages which makes it very popular and an easily accessible app.

KakaoTalk is an amazing instant messaging app with unlimited texting and calling features all set for free. It is available for all smartphones, tablets and computers. It is also existing in 14 languages which makes it very popular and an easily accessible app. The user can share videos, photos, files, voice messages, web links and more. It has a group chat function in which up 5 number of members can join a conversation. It also provides its users the option of sending and saving the information for future uses. It also has the facility of hiding chats and conversations when the user is sharing the PC.

It is one app where fun is not compromised with security.


In the competition of IM apps KakaoTalk stands apart from the crowd. It offers a variety of chatting ways and also gives the user the luxury of remote settings by which the user can login and logout even from the smartphone. There are amazing varieties of themes and games available in the app which will keep the user occupied without disappointing them. The plus friend feature existing in it will allow the users to follow groups, celebrities and allows them to earn gifts, coupons. It also assists in arranging a meeting with old friends which adds as a special feature of this app. It has numerous animated stickers which makes all the conversations more interesting and fun. It will also synchronise the Facebook contacts in case of smartphones. The user can search contacts by inputting the usernames with which the user would have logged in. the user can also share contact information of the required person through this app. It also has the facility of polling where other users can vote. What makes this app more approachable is that there are no banner ads which can sometimes irk the users while using the apps. The themes can also be customised as per the user’s taste and trends. It is one app where fun is not compromised with security.

Downloading KakaoTalk on PC:

This app is not just easy in terms of usage but is also quite fast when it comes to downloading the same. KakaoTalk needs a simulator to run on PC. The user can download Bluestacks which will provide the required platform for the app to run and be used. Once Bluestacks is downloaded click on it and launch it on the system. Once this is done search the app name in the side bar. Click on the exact app name as it will show lots of relative app names as well. Once the user clicks on the app it will get downloaded on the PC. Install the app as per the advices that appear on the screen of the device. After successfully installing the app the user will have to finally click on the icon and launch it. Then it is ready to be used by the user accordingly. The settings and contact can be arranged as per the wish of the users. So make this app your with few clicks and connect with all those who have been waiting to hear from you.

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