KEEK for PC – add life to your tweets


Keek application helps people to tweet along with the video that describes the tweet.

Keek is an app that has wonderful video mixing capacities. Have you ever wonder about mixing up a tweet with a video? Have you ever thought uploading a video along with a tweet will be more effective? People have been waiting for such an application both for the android mobiles and the personal computers. This kind of application will add life to the tweets people do and by that the second person can easily get what he or she meant. It is not so easy to develop such an application but the software giant makes the work easy and the app is given the name as Keek.
Keek application helps people to tweet along with the video that describes the tweet. This is helpful for the people because it makes their work easy. People always choose the one that eases things and by keeping it in mind, the company has developed the app. Keek has many features that ensures the security of the person and even allows a person to share on other social networking sites as well if the person is interested. 

the app got good marks from all classes of people.


This application, Keek, has many unique features which make the people chose it over other apps that provide the same facilities. Let us have a look at the features of Keek.

  • Keek allows a person to post a video to a particular person, if the posted person does not want any other friends to watch the video.
  • This app allows a person to share a video on the other social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Tumblr by using one’s own accounts.
  • Sign up process is so easy which involves simple questions like age, gender and mobile number and a small description of yours must be given at the time of sign up. It takes relatively less time to sign up.
  • There are lot of famous celebrities using this site already and so if you want, you can follow the celebrity you like the most and be updated about the person you like.
  • As a keek user, one can view the videos that is mostly viewed by others and other featured videos.
  • You can set the criteria for the people to follow you. Criteria like age conditions, surroundings, person belonging to the same country and many others.
  • The site is international one and there is no need to worry about your friends who are abroad. Friends can keep in touch irrespective of the distance between them.
  • The video length is restricted to sometime so that the person who is watching it on the other side will not be bored or irritated by the length of the video.

Many features are present alongside in the Keek. People will not find any difficulties in using it and also easily adaptable by anyone.


All the positive reviews available online about the Keek. No negative reviews because there is no such one thing. People suggest about notification area for video, and the company is working on the idea. The option will be added no sooner. Apart from this, the app got good marks from all classes of people.