Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX Review

Hi everybody, Junambo here. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been spending a lot of time with one of my new best friends, Hatsune Miku!

Developer: Sega

Publisher: Sega

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Release: September 8, 2015

So, Hatsune Miku-chan personally invited me to come room with her and/or her friends and accompany her on all of her stage tours! While spending so much time with them, I found out that they have so much stuff to do, it’s crazy.

First of all, Miku and company decided that they needed me to help cheer them on during all of their performances. They even showed me two different ways I could help them out. First, there was this little drum set thingy that I had to tap on with my stick to the beat of the song. As the songs got harder, there were more drums to hit, and I had to hit the right one at the right time. Sometimes, I even had to swipe my stick on the drum pad or hold it down. Miku also gave me a second option by handing me a set of buttons that I had to press in the right order. Both options were super cool, but I definitely loved the drum set option the best.

Sometimes Miku wanted to take a break from all the normal singing and dancing, though, and we’d occasionally find ourselves hanging out in our apartment. As everyone already knows, she’s a riot on stage, but she’s actually tons of fun in the real world too. On rainy days, we would play games of Reversi, or we would invite everybody else and play a puzzle-drop tournament. Those games were kind of random, but totally fun! And they gave us something to do when between performances.

There were also times when we wanted to go out for some fun, and boy was there plenty to do. There was an awesome department store that sold all sorts of different costumes for Miku as well as a bunch of different furniture for us to decorate our apartment with. There was even a food court! Turns out, Miku really loves her shortcake. The town even had a dance studio for Miku to practice all her awesome dance moves.

Cheering everybody on stage was tons of fun, but it was also really neat to find out that we could hang out even outside of the concert.

Oh, and did I mention how cute everybody was? For some reason Miku and her friends were always in some sort of “chibi” form with big heads and cute little bodies. It was actually really funny to watch them run around like that. I actually expected it to make them look silly on stage, but the special effects that they had in concert really just made everything work. I’m still amazed every time I watch Miku perform “Deep Sea Girl”! The explosive emotion that comes out of it both audibly and visually was just stunning.

Of course, all of their songs were awesome! I mean, I suppose if you weren’t really into the whole vocaloid thing, it might just sound weird or lame, but I mean its Hatsune-freaking-Miku! You gotta expect that sort of music, ya know? In any case, they pulled it off really well.

Although, Miku’s own taste in music definitely seemed a little limited. Anytime we were home, she would constantly be listening to the same old electronica-beat song for hours on end. It made it a little hard to wanna stay inside with her for a long time.

With so much to do with Miku and everybody else, and with such a huge choice of songs to play with her, it’s almost crazy to think that it all came at a measly $40. If you’re into Hatsune Miku’s music at all, I’d totally recommend hanging out with her. It’s way worth it. I probably spent like half a month hanging out with her.

Anyway, I think Hatsune Miku and her friends are all super-cool. Cheering them on during their live performances was exhilarating, and they were even super-chill and fun to hang out with at home. There’s just so much to do with those guys, and their music rocks to boot. Go, Go, Hatsune Miku!


+Great music

+Plenty to do

+Fun mini-games

+Beautiful “on-stage” visuals


-Repetitive “home” music

-Awkward animation (due to chibi forms)

Score: 4 / 5