Home Based Internet Marketing Business

Many people are in search of a way to make money from home. A Home Based Internet Marketing Business is definitely the way to go. But with so many options out there most people do not know what they are going to sale.

Even more people do not realize that you will have to sale to make money online. The word marketing is greatly overlooked. YES, there is no way around it. If you want to make money online you will have to learn how to market and be able to sell.

It is important that you see your Internet Marketing Businessfor what it is a business. To help with this let’s speak in terms we are familiar with. Think about the last time you went shopping.
For one reason or another you choose the store you went to, out of many options. Maybe a friend said Kroger’s was having a sale. Maybe you saw a commercial for a sale on lawnmowers at Home Depot. Or the store you went to might just be the closest to your house.

What I want you to see is all of these reasons that made you go to the store was marketing in some form. Now let’s think about the store itself. You walked into a building. As soon as you did you were recorded as foot traffic for that day. You may have bought or you may have just looked around, but you went down in that store’s books as traffic.

All businesses need TRAFFIC. No traffic no sales it’s pretty simple. So when it comes to a Home Based Internet Marketing Business you need to set things up just like a brick and mortar store would be setup.

Your STORE online is your BLOG or WEBSITE! This is vital information. I know you may have joined a company as a distributor or affiliate; but you have to look at that as your products not really your business.

Your first step is to open your store. You accomplish this by creating a blog or website. Side note it’s easier for a beginner to open a blog. Again your blog is your store. It’s your home, your real estate on the Internet.

Now you can get a blog from WordPress.Org and host it yourself. This is the professional way to open a online business blog.

You can add a page to your blog that tells all about who you are and what you have to offer to the marketplace. You also add a page displaying all of your products and services. Just like in a regular store.

You will need a autoresponder so when you have visitors to your blog you can offer them something for free to entice them to come back. Like the free food you get at Sam’s Club! People rarely buy online on the first visit so you will have to be able to contact them again.

Having a email marketing system or autoresponder will help you keep in touch with your visitors so you can offer them something else they might need or want later. Trafficwaveis a good company to get that tool from.

Now that your store is setup and your products are on display it’s time to open the cyber doors and start getting traffic. There are countless ways to advertise your Home Based Internet Marketing Business online. This will be your daily task now that your store is open.

Use social media sites to do public relations and I suggest using the search engines to do your business promotions.

This can be accomplish by writing articles. You need to write 5 articles a week for the first 90 days of your online store being open. This will get you good long term traffic. Below is a short video that runs this setup over again.

Send all Traffic to your Home Based Internet Marketing Business

In your articles and on all your social sites you want to direct people to your business blog. Remember this is your store, your real estate online. Your Internet Mom and Pop shop! The more links you have sending traffic to your blog, the better your rankings. This all will lead to more sales.

Do not be discouraged if this takes some months to see real results. Remember you are building a real business. Most brick and mortar businesses do not see profit until the second year at best. Depending on your marketing knowledge and learning curve you can be in profit online in weeks.

The point of this article is to just shed some light on the situation. I want to help you set your Home Based Internet Marketing Business up properly. Hopefully this article has helped you and now you can build your online business the right way.

If you need step by step training on how to get setup by using a blog the information is one click away just enter your information and you will get my free social media mastery video series and you can contact me for more videos on how to setup your blog .