How to Burn More Fat Without Running

Running or doing interval training as part of your overall cardiovascular exercise regimen is one of the best ways you can do to start getting that flat stomach right now and remove all the unnecessary fat in your body.

However, this is not the only way to burn fat, I know most of you would agree. Some people like friends of mine aren’t able to run long distances because of ankle, knee, or back problems. It bothers them too much that they’re unable to perform this type of cardiovascular exercise.

Good thing there’s a simple way to burn the fat without running. You’re doing it. We all do it.

It’s called: WALKING.

Simple eh? What is this crap exercise you say?

Well before you dismiss walking as a valid fat burning exercise (because it doesn’t make you sweat, etc.) consider the following:

Walking requires no special skill but if done 30 minutes a day (brisk walk) can reduce waist and hip circumference

* 3 ten minute brisk walk sessions are as effective as a 30 minute long bout session
* The perception of ‘no pain, no gain’ can discourage people from starting to exercise at all.
* At 3.5 miles per hour. Most people can get the heart pumping at more than 55% which is enough to improve cardiovascular fitness

If you do this for 30 minutes daily or for three 10 minute bout sessions, you’ll notice improvements in cardiovascular health immediately. You won’t tire as much, and you’ll notice that you’re slimming down (provided that you’re also eating the right stuff).

How to turn on the Blowtorch on Fat just by Walking

You have to spice things up a bit. Here are a few suggestions that you can do before, during, or after you work in the office to really up the intensity of your walking activities:

Use the stairs to go to your office floor. This will really get your heart and metabolism pumping. Use the stairs also when you finish your work. This will jack your metabolism

throughout the night.

* If you use a car to go to work. Park in the farthest area possible. And do some walking.
* Buy ankle weights and use that throughout the day. It’ll provide enough challenge for you especially if you walk around a lot in the office.
* Walk whenever you can, especially when you’re buying food outside or walking to a lunch place nearby.
* Walk around the perimeter of your office building for 10 minutes. Don’t mind the other people looking at you.

One thing to remember though, especially for the gents and ladies: try to use comfortable footwear when you walk. You’ll end up with painful feet when you use your heeled or leather shoes to brisk walk. But if you’re used to it like I am (i’m using leather shoes), then it’s not a problem.

Calories Burned Walking

Walking on flat ground at around 3.0 mph will burn roughly 100 to 200 calories depending on your weight. If you walk the stairs, you’ll surely burn more.

The benefit of walking up and down the stairs is that you’re exerting a lot of effort and a lot of energy that your metabolism is spiked almost throughout the day. So even after you’re walking you’re still burning extra fat because of that spiked metabolism.

Short Stairs? No Problem

If walking up the stairs poses no problem (because it’s too short). Then walk up and down the flight of stairs for 10 minutes straight. You’ll notice your heart pumping heavier and heavier. Do 3 sets of these throughout the day.. once before you go to your desk, once before/after lunch, and once after work.