How To Generate Back Links To Your Site


This article explains some of the ways on How To Generate Back Links To Your Site, and more importantly, one way links.

First of all, before I dive into the details of this topic, I must emphasize the importance of optimizing your website for the search engines. If you think that this does not concern you you are totally wrong! Without the optimization of your site pages for search engines your website will fail to rank correctly by not being optimized. Nothing else I explain here will help you if you do not take action to optimize your website with a SEO friendly design.

Firstly a most commonly used marketing tactic plus back link generating method, and a very effective one at that, is article marketing. It is one of the best way I know on how to get your site on the top 10 in Google, if not the first position, and simultaneously increase your page rank. I am doing this myself, just by writing and submitting quality articles to article directories. I am not a professional writer in any way shape or form , so if I can do it, so can you! You will improve with practice so do not hold back as practice makes perfect and we all have to start some where. So undertake your market research and start producing quality informative articles in your niche.

The basic principle behind article marketing is to get more and more back links to your website via your article content. The other sites that then link to your site via your articles should then be hopefully be relevant and in the eyes of Google a good back link. This is also where search engine optimization also comes into play as you want your site ranking high for the keywords you have chosen to write your article around. If you don’t know how to do that I recommend doing some research on the subject of key words.

I will now talk about some further possibilities to get some more one way back links to your website. Again do not forget that the more one way links you have pointing to your website the higher in the search engines it will go. The best part about this is as you increase your page rank with a top 10 listing in Google your website will gain a lot more traffic and this is very important for your business.

Some of the additional ways for you to use for generating back links are to use social network sites etc. Register for a service such as OnlyWire and as you post to your blog, bookmark it using OnlyWire and it will create a back link to your post. Facebook and MySpace are also social websites which can be used. Twitter is also another excellent way to generate interest and further back links.

Also a “must do” is become active in the forums related to your niche. Place a link to your site in your signature file. Every time you then post your signature will be at the end of it. Therefore, the more participation, the more one way back links you have going to your website.

You can also submit your website to web directories. There are literally thousands of directories on the internet. Do a search for them. As you become established try and find the directories that have a higher page rank than your website, this is important.

I hope now that you understand the importance of getting as many back links to your website the better and how you can go about doing this, so increasing your page ranking. It is relatively easy to implement once you get the hang of it. So get started now and get more and more one way back links over time. You can never have too many. In the end your website will be in the top 10 in Google for your keywords if you take action now and develop your skills on how to generate back links to your site.

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