How To Get More Twitter Followers

Learning how to get more Twitter followers is an important part of growing your business through social networking. But many people struggle in this aim.

Here are some ways to get you on the road to success:

1. If someone follows you, then always follow them. Why would you want to do this, if your sole aim is to gain more followers? Because if people see that you didn’t follow them; then they may unfollow you. And some twitter members will make a public mention of new followers, giving you added exposure. Finally, some of your followers will be people who share your interests and may have something of value to offer you in their feed. Twitter is a place to meet people, don’t treat it in a purely mercenary fashion.

2. If people you have followed don’t follow back after a reasonable period of time, unfollow them. There are follow limits on twitter, so once you hit 2000 follows then you won’t be able to follow any more people until you yourself have 2000 followers. Keep a check on whether or not people have added you to their feed on a regular basis, but don’t unfollow too quickly. Give it a couple of weeks. I still follow a few people who’ve never added my feed, but these are people who’s tweets I’m interested in keeping up to date with.

3. Follow people who are following a spammer (!!). This sounds odd, but basically you will see some really obvious spam accounts on twitter and you’re bound to get added by some of them over time. Anyone following a spam account probably auto-follows, so it’s worth adding them all. You should not personally follow spam accounts though, because if people see you’re following one, they may ignore or unfollow you.

This tactic is only for getting more number, don’t expect the people you add to be interactive with you, although of course it’s possible.

5. Look for Twitter Celebrities. These people often auto-follow and can help increase your numbers.

6. Put some effort into your biography. Provide as much helpful detail as possible. You can actually lose a lot of potential followers by ignoring this step. Why would someone follow you, if you won’t provide any information about yourself?

7. Get an avatar. Don’t just make a trashy one. Take a decent picture of yourself and upload it or you can use a catchy image or business logo. If people just see a default egg they are quite likely to ignore you.

8. Make a large number of tweets. Many people won’t follow you if you only have a few tweets or a lot of sales pitches.

9. Try to make a good percentage of your tweets informative. And don’t be afraid to be controversial (within reason) and create some conversation.

10. Look for interesting, funny and informative links to tweet. Check out news sites, and social sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

11. Occasionally add a Please RT (re-tweet) to your messages. This is good for news stories on important issues. But don’t add “please re-tweet” onto too many of your tweets. Use it as a tool, perhaps when you’ve already built a reasonable number of followers.

12. Retweet good quality tweets. This shows that you’re a part of the community and will provide followers with useful and/or funny reading matter.

14. Be interactive, not a robot poster.

15. Make use of # hash tags. People will search for things of interest to them, so don’t be afraid to use hash tags on a regular basis.

16. Tweet on trending topics. Try to get involved in high popularity topics on a reasonably regular basis.

17. Add follow me on Twitter links to your sites and social profiles. This is a must.

18. Follow people with similar interests. And make sure your bio clearly states these interests, so your potential followers can see this.

19. Stay up to date with your followers. A sure way to lose followers is to ignore them. Of course you can’t keep in touch with everyone, but be helpful and friendly whenever possible.

20. Direct messages can be useful, but don’t overdo it. If you auto-spam a lot of direct messages you won’t be doing yourself any favours so use DM’s with care and respect.

In closing, software can be very effective but if you get carried away Twitter will spot unusually high follows and unfollows. This will mean possible account closure or being removed from the Twitter search engine, so don’t take things too far.

And remember, if you don’t put the work in, you will probably have many followers who won’t take any notice of your business or sales ideas.

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