How To Get The APK Of An Installed Application

Android has changed our life in many ways.  With millions of apps already published on the Play Store and a lot of apps published on third party sites, Android has made a people a bit too lazy. Yeah ! Gaming and Productivity are the most popular kind of applications that are available on the Play Store. Now, Lets come to the topic. Games with really high graphics like Gangstar Vegas or Six Guns have really large data files. For most games, we download the APK first. But, here we download the data and then we install the APK. In other ways too, the APK installs from the Play Store on its own and its difficult to find out where the APK is if we need to import our data into another device.So, we are going to explain a tutorial on how to extract an APK of any application on your device. To get the APK, we have to do a simple and easy method. Not one, maybe there are a lot of methods out  there. But, according to me you may only need this single method to get any APK of any application that is installed on your device. Okay, Now lets discuss the methods. The single most easiest way to get the APK is by installing this application named

APK Extractor

from the Play Store. In other words, what the name of the app tells is the same as what it does. It just extracts the APK of the application you want and then you leave it alone and you get the APK stored in a safe place in your storage.

Nowadays, the list of tablets and mobiles with Android operating system is increasing day by day. The first advantage of this was already stated above. some games like Gangstar Rio, Gangstar Vegas and Six guns have a high amount of data and the data will be installed first. So, if you want to move these apps to another device, you cannot get the APK. So, to get the APK , We have to use

APK Extractor .

First of all, you need to download the


. Go to Play Store and install

APK Extractor

application on your device . This application is compatible with almost all the devices. So you needn’t be afraid of any compatibility issues. Now lets run to the second step. Run the application. Now you can see a list of all the installed applications on your device. Click on any of the app of which you need to extract the APK. Now a popup box with three option will appear. And now, click on Extract APK. Now, go to the default writing location of your device. There you can see a new folder named APKExtractor. Open that folder and you can find the extracted APK. Copy it anywhere and you can install it in any other device without any issues. Another advantage is than you can even delete the app from here itself. You can also send the APK through bluetooth or other facilities just by one click.



1. Go to Play Store and Install APK Extractor []
2. Now , Open APK Extractor
3. Select the application of which the APK you want .
4. A Pop up box will appear .
5. Click on Extract APK.
6. Now, Go and check the default storage of your device.
7. A folder named ‘apkextractor’ can be found.
8. Open the folder and the APK of that desired application can be found.


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