How to Install and Run Windows 8 from USB

These days Windows 8 is very popular among all computer users. Also it is a very common feature available in Windows with the help of which you can install Windows with the help of an USB stick. In this procedure first you have to load Window in your USB drive then you have to connect it to the computer system after that you can run your Computer System with the Operating system installed in your USB stick. You can also use this technique to install Window 8 in your Computer system. In this guide I am going to share knowledge about the installation of Window 8 with the help of an USB stick.

Required Things

1. A bootable Windows 8 Computer System.
2. A 16GB or large capacity USB drive.
3. DVD of Windows 8 DVD or ISO file of Windows 8.

Procedure for installation

1. First you have to boot in your current Window 8 Computer System. Once your Window 8 is installed then you have to use the Window 8 running in your Virtual Machine for the installation in USB stick.
2. Now you have to connect the USB drive having a capacity of 16 GB or larger and then you have to make a backup of all data from the USB to come safe location as in this step you have to format your USB drive and make it bootable.
3. Now you have to Download and install Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) on your computer system.
4. After installation of this software you have to go to C:Program FilesWindows AIKTools folder to see amd64 and x86 folders.
5. If you have 32-bit Windows 8 Operating System then you have to copy imagex.exe file from x 86 folders to the desktop of your computer system. But if you are on 64-bit version of Window 8 then you have to copy imagex.exe file from amd64 folder to the desktop of the computer system.
6. If you are having the DVD of Windows 8 then you have to insert it into the optical drive and then you have to note down the DVD drive letter. But if you are having Windows 8 ISO, then simply right-click on the ISO and choose Mount option. After that you will see a new drive under Devices with detachable storage in My Computer.
7. Next you have to open Command Prompt with proper admin rights on your Computer System. Admin rights are important for running the procedure without any errors.
8. Now you have to switch to Windows 8 Start screen and then type CMD after that you have to press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run Command Prompt with admin rights.
9. Now you have to click yes for User Account Control prompt.
10. After the appearance of Command Prompt type “Disk part” and press enter key.
11. Now, type List Disk and press enter key.
12. After this you will see directory of allied storage drives to your computer system.
13. After the above procedure you have to type the given commands one-by-one and strike enter key after typing each command: “Select Disk 1”, “Clean “, “Create Partition Primary “, “Select Partition 1 “, “Active”, “Format FS=NTFS Quick”, “Assign”, “Exit”. Don’t close the Command Prompt, simply minimize it.
14. Now you have to maximize the command prompt and then implement the following command: “C:UsersHomeDesktopimagex.exe /apply I:sourcesinstall.wim 1 H:”
15. After that you have to copy boot files to your USB drive.
16. Now type the command “bcdboot.exe H:windows /s H: /f ALL” and smack enter key.
17. After doing all the above procedure you have to exit the Command Prompt.
18. Now your Window installation procedure from USB drive is finished and you have to now disconnect the USB from your computer system.