How To Make A WordPress Website Installation

There are two ways to install wordpress. We have the manual way which includes installing files on your ftp and creating mySQL databases. Or we have the second way and the way i’ll be teaching you to install wordpress. You see the way I see it is that creating a website can be a long process so if there is a way you can speed things up a little, I’m sorry but you got to take it. So the second way of installing takes about 5-10 minutes and involves getting your hosting provider to do it for you. Sounds good, it is!

Now I don’t literally mean get your hosting provider to do it for you, instead most web host companies will have a 1-click install. This just means that when you log into the c-panel of your chosen hosting company they will give you the option to install a variety of tools and programs onto your domains for you. On this occasion we are installing wordpress, so see below on how its done.

n.b I’m using BlueHost as my hosting company, the tutorial will fit most hosting companies. They will vary slightly but most c-panels are layout very similar. It is just a case of looking.

If you haven’t chosen your hosting company yet I would highly recommend BlueHost, I use them for all my sites and never have any problems.
I am an affiliate of BlueHost so if you choose to click the link and make a purchase I will receive a commission.
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First we will need to log onto the c-panel, this can be accessed by going onto your hosting company’s website and logging in.
The c-panel will be located here:

Once you have logged in you will be presented with a screen which has many icons and lots of different options to choose from. For now we only want to locate the wordpress icon. Once you have found it click to begin.

After clicking the button you will be taken to a screen like below, If you have done this before like I have your other sites with wordpress loaded on will be shown. All you need to do is click install and follow the instructions.

I can’t really show you the next steps as I would re-write over my previous sites. It really is that simple though. Once you have filled out the form which just asks you your site name and what you would like to call the databases. Which can be anything you want, just do it as something you’ll remember and know what it refers to.

Also you’ll be asked for a password try and make sure this is unique and tough to crack. Try using three random characters i.e. $%^ . Then the password you would have used then three more randoms, so it would look like “$%^password5646^&*” Just to be extra sure its a tough one. Then note it down somewhere safe and don’t lose it.

Once that is done, click the install button and your hosting company will do the rest. Within a few moments your wordpress site will be sorted and your hosting company will forward you on all the log in details.

There you have it, a very simple way to be on your way to building a wordpress website probably within 15 minutes!

If you have any questions contact your hosting company. Failing that you can always contact me.

Good Luck!