I know it’s not new. And while others think that QR Code is just a marketing fad, you might want to check the stats and show them the real thing about QR Codes. ComScore released a report about the future of mobile marketing and the study reveals quite a surprising fact about how QR codes are becoming an effective tool in sales marketing. You can check the report form ComScore or to save you from having to download the whitepaper, you can just read the 5 key points about QR codes below:

1. There are now more than 55% Americans who use and carry smartphones everywhere.
2. One in every 5 of them scans QR codes when they see one on retail stores.
3. 57% of them scan the QR codes at home. Base on analysis, it shows that consumers now are getting to realize the value of QR codes.
4. One third of those who scan QR codes do so in response to a promotional offer or coupons.
5. And one quarter of those who scan QR codes do so to receive information about an event.

What does this mean to us? This is a clear indication that QR codes are getting along with smartphone adoption in the business world. As a mobile web developer,you will encounter clients who will ask you if you can make QR codes for them. They are super easy to create and can be done in under 5 minutes.


Read below on how to make QR codes in 3 simple steps.
1. Making QR codes is started by defining the end goal. What does your client want to achieve with the QR code? If they are hosting an event, it’s a good suggestion to display a QR code on their business cards to automatically link the user and save the event’s information on their smartphones. If your client is looking for leads, it’s a good idea to link the QR code to their website’s sales page.

2. The second step in making QR codes is to look for a QR code generator. There are lots of them around on the Internet. Some of them can be customized with the color of your choice and others come with the ability to track the performance. But of course, they come with a price. If you want an easy to use and quick generator then check out ZXing Project . In less than 3 minutes you have a QR code to present to your client. And the best thing about it is it’s free to use!

ZXing Project offers 9 templates designed for every specific need. Whether it’s for an event, link to a URL, geo location, link to an email address, phone number, SMS, or any other information, you’ll be able to generate one in a breeze.

3. Before you get excited to present the QR code to your client, test it first to make sure that it reads correctly. Test it with different readers. A good free tool that you can use is Google Goggles